This tutorial was done in Xcode 12

Are you building an app in Xcode 12 and do you want to know how to run Xcode on your iPhone? Then, stay with me in this brief tutorial.

1. Create a new iOS app (optional)

If you have already started to build an app, skip this first step, otherwise, open Xcode and create a new App for iOS:

Learn to commit directly from Xcode12

Image by author, background from Joshua Aragon on Unsplash

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to connect Xcode and GitHub so you can perform a control version of your projects. Before continuing, I am assuming you have a GitHub account, if not, don’t waste another second and go create one.

1. Configure GitHub in your Mac

Open a new terminal ( cmd + space and then write terminal) and paste the following commands using your GitHub username and email:

2. Add your GitHub account to Xcode

Open Xcode and go to preferences:

One of the first terms that you may encounter when starting with Reinforcement Learning is the mysterious word agent. But what is this agent, does it wear a suit and a pair of black glasses? well… no.

The agents in Matrix (Source:

An agent or better said, an intelligent agent is a software entity that makes decisions when interacting in its environment; We call it “intelligent” 🤓 because it has the ability to learn [1].

In the particular field of Reinforcement Learning, every time the agent acts in its environment, it finds itself in a different situation or state…

Irene Bosque

🤖 MSc in Machine Learning at Cognitive Robotics (TU Delft ), 👩‍💻 developer in progress, 🛠️ Mechatronic engineer, 📚 Public learner, 🌐

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